Two Days Off.

I’m going to the Mall of America to buy Wisconsinite (Wisconsonian?) hats shaped like cheese wedges.

Ears get tired, and that handicaps a mixer; so, we’re taking the weekend off.
I’ve been reading two books in tandem–Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet and Personal Finance for Dummies. I read one for a little while, as Dan mixes, then switch to another.
I have picked up an invaluable life-technique from Coco. Coco has a tendency to say, suddenly, and apropos of nothing, “I like Spongebob.”
Or, “I like Dora.” (as in Dora the Explorer)
Or, “I like Melissa.” (her nanny)
Or, “I like Patrick.” (Spongebob’s foil)
It’s a really great strategy, isn’t it? From now on I will be saying, suddenly, and apropos of nothing: “I like soup.”
Or, “I like oboes.”
Or, “I like boobies.”