Our Week of Rock.

It ran the gamut. We did Madison Square Garden on Friday, and a house party in Princeton, NJ on Wednesday.

Against all odds, that Princeton gig–in a little dining room–was killing.
Wanna take a minute to thank all the DMB peeps, their spectacularly kind crew, Dave, and everybody else.
I think we really rocked, too. My in-ear monitors got fucked up as I got onstage in Philly. It was a struggle until they got ‘em going again, but I was told that I stayed in tune. I’ve learned something good about myself: I can rock a hockey stadium without being able to hear myself!

They Fucking Cancelled Morning Sedition.

What a drag. Some tone-deaf higher-up nixed it, capriciously. I called in today to say goodbye to Marc Maron on the air–I’ve been a huge fan of his for years–and I tried to tell him that surely this was the Universe’s way of steering him into some even better place in the world. But it came off poorly, I think; we drove for hours last night in the slush and sleet, coming home from Boston–doing 35 most of the way!!–and I got no sleep.

“He Served a Dark and a Hungry God.”

Saw Sweeney Todd for the second time.

Oh! So thrilling. I just can’t recommend it enough. Been driving my bandmates crazy singing the tunes. Yep, out of the blue, I’ve become a Broadway Guy.
I realized that Michael Cerveris–who plays Sweeney–and I had a mutual friend, so I asked him to forward an email of effusive praise to Michael.
“I’m glad you enjoyed our creepy little skit,” Michael wrote back.
I then asked him to be my Valentine.