Help Wanted.

Does anybody know any German poets living in New York? Or German translators? Or someone just generally Deutsch and groovy?

The New World.

I was startled to discover that I had no idea where they shot the new Real World season.

I used to follow this kind of ephemera with glee. It doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Though the anorexic girl is really shocking and compelling.
The answer, ps, is Key West. Key West?! They’re really scrambling now. And I thought Philly was a weird choice. (Although it turns out that all the young artsies are moving there. Philly, the new Brooklyn.)
The preceding two paragraphs now proving that I can’t talk about MTV without my analytical mind automatically turning on, I spose I’ve rendered the sentence “It doesn’t appeal to me anymore” a lie.
Why must one turn this blog into a blog of lies?


Ghostface Killah has a strange and fascinating MySpace page.

It’s actually more like a MySpace mixtape. He shouts out bloggers! Tells people to get to their laptops!
Also, as an Old Dude, I love hearing veterans who still sound tough.

Weird Rock Reigns Supreme.

This week (actually, this fortnight, if I’m correct in believing that a fortnight is two weeks) is the annual WFMU marathon.

WFMU is the greatest radio station in the universe. They play some of the weirdest stuff imaginable, and also have great hiphop, gospel, electronic, and garage rock shows. They even have a show that plays old Edison rolls! It’s an all-volunteer station, and it’s the best art in radio. I passionately recommend you listen to them live at
They do this fundraiser yearly, and unlike those excruciating PBS and NPR pledge drives, it’s pretty fun to listen to the marathon. They send you CDs of their strangeness, and stickers and t-shirts with awesome art on them, in exchange for their pledges.
They also don’t sell your info to other fundraisers, which has happened to me with PBS, and which sucks.
I love WFMU so much that I get giddy every year when they announce my first name in the hourly role call of pledgers.

Crispin Glover Sings ‘Clowny Clown Clown’.

This courtesy of Bex’s blog. Exciting video action after the jump.

Crispin Hellion Glover. Idol of the squad of goth girls that I used to hang out with in Mod 3 at Simon’s Rock, aka: The Goth Mod. That phone number at the end of the video, I think, is the same one he gave in a Spin interview. They used to call it all the time and leave moony messages.
I was at a party at Sundance this year at which he was present. That, and the time I ate Indian food with Siouxsie–we went out on the street together mid-meal to smoke!–makes me wish The Goth Mod could see me now.
(James Van Der Beek was also there. He didn’t give me the stink eye. Also: the girl who plays the daughter on Grounded for Life, and allegedly Al Gore, though I didn’t see him.)
Please view the legendary video. The best part is that, playing the role of “Mr. Far,” Crispin wears the same getup he wore on Letterman, when he bugged out and almost kicked Dave in the face.