Tracking Ends.

chris koemer2.jpg
These fotos ganked from listener Chris Koemer.

chris koemer 4.jpg
I gotta get off the internet, man. I mean, I hafta KILL MY LAPTOP.
Dan is comping takes of all the songs we recorded; I spend the day sprawled on the couch, checking my one MySpace page–hm, nope, no new messages–and then the other–hm, nope, none there either–and then the first one again–nope, still nothing new–and then again–and so on and so forth.
I also hate coffee which I am drinking absurd amounts of.
Tomorrow Chuck comes back–he took the van and went to Wisconsin to drink beer for two weeks while we recorded–and brings us to Chicago for the first of three festival gigs. Thus ending this strange gigs/recording/more gigs jaunt.
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