Yeah, At Last I Bought a New Cam.

So no more suffering thru endless pix of Africa.

Be prepared for six straight weeks of backstage hockey arena ennui shots from the MD’s B BNL tour.
By then I will have found the auto-focus button, as well.

Science of Sleep.

(Photo by Misha Vladimirsky)
It’s kind of amazing how Gael Garcia Bernal can be so winning and vulnerable and yet so inhumanly gorgeous.


(photo by Nillazilla)
Driving back into Brooklyn with a friend I joke about the Welcome to New York sign: “The picture of Niagara Falls is actually a gushing waterfall of anxiety. And the Statue of Liberty? She holds up the torch of worry.”
This week I plan to nap. I have nothing to do but interview a few German teachers, one of whom I picked out because her ad said Learn GERMAN from a GOTH GIRL.