A Buffalo Dude Tossed a Box of Caramels Onstage Last Night; Thank You, Buffalo Dude.

June 9, 2006

A smashing opener.

Probably the best first-gig-of-a-tour ever. We played outdoors, on a square in downtown Buffalo (so many stately old buildings in Buffalo), under a big column topped with a bronze statue commemorating something.
Big energy, fun crowd, lots of smilers. The Brave Youngster John Kirby–playing, as he was, his debut gig with us–looked a little startled whenever something got fucked up, but we all were grinning. At one point, he was messing with a control on a Memory Man effects pedal, and a huge blaring note that would not stop ’til he shut the thing off came out. We laughed. We love fuck-ups.
I think it was his first, like, rock-star experience. He was smiling the whole time. And having his picture taken with teenage girls afterwards. I’m guessing that’s not happened to him before.
Stunning, stunning face calls from our drummer Pete McNeal last night. (face calls is a kind of jamming game we play during shows) Just rocked the hell out of it.
Scrap’s Tribeca-based bass guru, David Gage, fixed up his bass so it’s a lot more audible now, which is fantastic. He was kind of buried, previously. He’s also rocking the bass with a bow a lot, which is super fun.