Alright, Already: Where the Hell Are You, Mike Doughty?

July 14, 2006

ike whiting 6.jpg
Responding to your many emails of concern.
(all these photos by listener Ike Whiting)

ike whiting 5.jpg
I came home from tour and entered a state of perma-nap.
Been working on some songs. Maybe I’ll cook up some new ones, gather up the band and return to Minneapolis to cut them.
Been listening to rough mixes of what we did at Dan’s during the last round. John Kirby is my new audio boyfriend. He makes the mmm mmm dirty dirty tasty tasty on his electronic piano.
I iTunes-ed a bunch of Tigrinya songs–that’s the predominant language in Eritrea–and have been dancing around my living room, a solo simulation of the dancing at a club in Asmara called Hidmona, where I went almost every night for a week when I was in Africa. The tunes are based around the guaila beat, which goes bu-DOOMP! bu-DOOMP beat–very offkilter to American ears–and everybody shuffles around in a circle like a hurricane in slow motion, bumping into each other. Mid-song, as the dancing heats up, they add this one beat right in front of the bu-doomp, and the rhythm suddenly turns around in this amazing exciting way.
Yeah. Pink boxer shorts. And what of it?
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