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Aug 10, 04 08:59 PM

Maron's America

Oh man. I did a radio show today--Morning Sedition, on Air America. Marc Maron is the host. I am a huge fan. And yeah, he was HILARIOUS. I adore the guy.

We had this exchange:

MIKE: I used to see Marc years ago.
MARC: Yeah, at the Luna Lounge.
MARK RILEY (co-host): When was that?
MIKE: Back in the days of grunge, when Marc Maron invented alternative comedy.
MARC: It's true. You know what alternative comedy is? It means you don't get paid, and it's NOT FUNNY.

Totally sweet.

I played "Move On" (a song on the Future Soundtrack of America compilation, which I was promoting), "Unsingable Name," and "Circles," for an element of, you know, Hi, talk radio audience, recognize this song? I'm THAT GUY.

I love Air America because it's all about being a LIBERAL. I am a passionate, committed liberal. Yeah, LIBERAL. Word.

Posted by Mike at August 10, 2004 8:59 PM