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Oct 6, 04 10:58 AM

"I Broke Up With Jazz."

When I went to Simon's Rock, in 1986, I met this kid named Jeremy Brooks. He had a sphinxlike mullet with dreads hanging in the back. He wore a long olive-colored coat emblazoned with a Who style target-symbol. He was the hippest boy I had met in my life.

He was a drummer; we put together a little band and played the campus snack bar. He was studying his instrument with a renowned musician named Randy Kaye, who used to play with Jimmy Giuffre. He was always a good friend, but artistically we grew apart.

Years pass. He changed his name (legally!) to J Why. He lives up in Inwood: he runs a record label called Head Fulla Brains. His latest CD is called Urban Shocker--it's a found-sound collage kind of a situation. He also plays in a Spanglish rock band called Caramelize with his sister and a mysterious man called El Chapulin (the Grasshopper).

We had lunch recently. I asked, What's going on with you, musically?

"Oh," he said, "I broke up with jazz."

Posted by Mike on October 6, 2004 10:58 AM