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Nov 11, 04 08:26 AM

On Hennepin, In My Rented Chevy Malibu.


Backing vocals, and more guitar, guitar, guitar.


Amy Jennings came over and did some harmonies on a couple tunes; "Madeline," and "I Hear the Bells"--on which she did some fantastic calls-and-response. We sat on the couch with a guitar, going over the tunes, which gave me gooseflesh; I haven't sung harmony with a woman before, what a wonderful feeling.

Amy is, incidentally, Mason Jennings' wife. Mason went out to meet Rick Rubin in Los Angeles recently, and, upon learning that Mason had tried meditation but had little results, Rick Rubin sent him to a transcendental meditation teacher for four days. An 82 year old woman who had been to India, in 1967, at the Maharishi's, with the Beatles. She gave Mason a mantra, which he spoke aloud once, and is forbidden to speak aloud again, and must keep a secret from everyone else in the world.

She's not expensive, and I've been itching to find a holistic psychedelic experience; maybe I'll get her number from Mason, go out there and seek her tutelage. She's not expensive, oddly for a Beatles-associated meditation teacher in Beverly Hills.

We tracked some 12-string guitar on which the low strings had been removed, leaving only the high, chiming ones; Andy Thompson (the drummer) came over and did some mousing for us, sorting out some of the big ringing KERRROW rock chords on Sunkeneyed.

Posted by Mike at November 11, 2004 8:26 AM

One of the most psychedelic experiences, and truly wonderful and enlightening that I have ever had, was completely drug free.
A couple of years ago, I had my first lucid dream, and have had several since. It is exhilirating beyond compare. And a the fantastic part of it is that it is a tool for spiritual evolution, not that it can be, but it is, definitely. And, you have the chance to communicate directly with your subconscious mind. If you're still parsing for answers, no better source to ask. It seems like it would come easily to you (this is assuming of course that you haven't already done it), since you pay attention to your dreams so much already. There are tons of web sites with tips on how to get started.
It is truly wonderful to start the day reading about how excited you are with your work. Inspiring for those of us embarking on our own creative endeavors. :)

Posted by: Lauren at November 11, 2004 8:47 AM

//I haven't sung harmony with a woman before, what a wonderful feeling.//


Posted by: DJ Veal Stew at November 11, 2004 9:40 AM

singing harmony with someone can be an awesome experience, matching and blending tones and notes -- cool!

i highly recommend two books for a transformative experience:

Emotional Alchemy: How the Mind can Heal the Heart -- a mix of Buddhism/meditation, psychology and neurology

and The Unfolding Self -- a slow journey of comparative religious and transcendental experiences

what i like is that i can go at my own pace -- i've learned so much about the brain and stages of development from each one -- it's been a freeing experience -- with practice i've learned to calm my mind and find a place where i can detach just enough to observe and reflect, without passing judgement or getting tangled up in loops of thought obsessively -- good luck with your journey!

Posted by: Amy at November 11, 2004 9:42 AM

just reading "be here now" was amazingly effective for me

Posted by: rob from grand forks at November 11, 2004 10:38 AM

yo, it was cool to see the recording place you're in, mike, cuz actually i have very big longing for these kind of places myself:)
good luck in recording and polishing the record:)

Posted by: boozcat at November 11, 2004 11:18 AM

Doughty, I had to laugh at your line "I haven't sung harmony with a woman before" 'cause I thought it was a wink-wink sexual nod, and I'm pretty sure you've performed said act before, albeit naked and prone. (i'm giggling at work, tickled by the blog, under tremendous project pressure...)

'Bout time you got some righteous babe voices there, dude. Emmylou Harris did that thing with Dave Matthews on some cable thing, and Alison Krauss has such a great...well..'quality' with her band, esp. that Dan Tyminski. I'm leaning for you to turn to the bluegrass chicks, get some earthy soul in your tunes!

Posted by: Deb at November 11, 2004 11:28 AM

damn it:)

Billy Corgan Is A Best Selling Poet
7 November 2004

Former Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan frontman Billy Corgan is now a best-selling author.
Corgan's poetry book 'Blinking With Fists' has debuted at No. 24 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Best Seller's List. The title was also the best selling poetry book in the USA last week.
Corgan has been on a book tour to promote the title visiting 14 cities for signings. He started the tour on October 12 with a Q&A session as part of the San Francisco City Arts and Lectures.
Billy has also finished recording his first solo album to be released through Warner in 2005. It will be his first new music since the split of Zwan.

Posted by: kitty kat at November 11, 2004 11:29 AM

such a great blog entry! god i wish you were always recording, because i just love these behind the music moments you're letting us see!

cool beans on the beatles-linked mahirishi!

Posted by: james the s at November 11, 2004 12:38 PM

What's with all the trashcans in Dan's place?

Posted by: Mike at November 11, 2004 12:44 PM

Did you ever finish the bridge to Sunkeyed Girl? Oh how I love that song. Maybe your mantra should be: "I will not quote riffs from .38 Special because my fake words are so much more fun."

Posted by: drew at November 11, 2004 2:29 PM

you all are so gay. you don't meditate. god

Posted by: suzann at November 11, 2004 3:23 PM

Yep. You busted me. No one has mantra's that long.

Posted by: drew at November 11, 2004 5:08 PM

i sing harmony with you all the time!

Posted by: jenni at November 11, 2004 5:30 PM

Reading blog entries about jazzed up versions of songs I have become addicted to - so exciting. Can't wait.

P.S. I recently moved back to the city and tired of giving the same response to the question of 'why' every time. I now respond that I did it to fulfill a life goal of mine - appearing in a Mike Doughty blog photo.

Posted by: N at November 11, 2004 9:28 PM

a few years ago i started reading books about lucid dreaming and if there's anything in the world that people should know more about, its that (among other things i guess). but you're supposed to keep a dream journal for a few weeks if you want to learn how to actually lucid dream and if you start writing down your dreams, you start remembering every dream you have. its just a little insight into what your subconscious is saying when you remember your dreams.

so excited for the record! i wish i hadnt spent $85 buying skittish off ebay!!

Posted by: lia at November 11, 2004 10:40 PM

I'd have to second what Jenni said. Ever since I first heard your melodies, I've been singing along and creating harmonies. I'll be interested to hear if they sound anything like the ones I come up with. Interested and excited.

I'm really loving reading your journal and am particularly liking hearing all about your experiences recording. Something about understanding the process will make listening to the music that much richer of an experience.

Posted by: Claire at November 11, 2004 11:21 PM