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Feb 15, 05 10:19 AM

Handsome Dan from Canada.


My veins are thick with cheesesteak.


I opened for the Polyphonic Spree in Philly last night--I hotfooted it back to Manhattan right after my set, but not before I tucked in to two cheesesteaks with extra Whiz from Jim's. I asked from the stage how late Jim's was open, and, true to Philly form, several folks shouted out GO TO PAT'S! GO TO PAT'S!

Tonight, it's Brooklyn, with my new piano player, Dan Chen. He is an extremely handsome man, and a very sharp dresser--the sharpest dresser I've ever shared a stage with. Seriously. He's also from Toronto. Of course, the most vital aspect of the new sideman induction process is figuring out a nickname. Handsome Dan? Canada Dan? Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed Dan?

Posted by Mike at February 15, 2005 10:19 AM