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Mar 7, 05 12:30 PM

As a Small Child in Leavenworth, Kansas, I Adored the Ticking Sound of the Turn Signal in My Mom's Giant Green 1975 Oldsmobile.


I just heard a Soul Coughing song for the first time ever on WFMU, Free Form Station of the Nation. I was surprised. I listen to them constantly--even on the road, over the internet--but I always thought we were too mainstream for them. (in the world of New York exquisite weirdness, believe it or not, Soul Coughing was a pretty mainstream sound)

It was "Disseminated," the Official Soul C's Song Mike Doughty Likes Least, so I had to switch to my trifecta of top MP3s: "Since U Been Gone," "La La," and "American Idiot." From WFMU's delicious buffet of the strange to the sweet glory of mall guitar rock. Yeah.

Posted by Mike at March 7, 2005 12:30 PM