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May 9, 05 11:55 PM

My Hectic Week in Rock, or, Man! Am I Tired.


I guess the record's doing good--I've been working like a maniac, barely coming up for air.


I've got the night off in Toronto, so Chuck the sound guy and I went out and ate ridiculous steak and cheese bread and sour cream and bacon and other things that New Skinny Mike generally avoids. Oh, man.

Handsome Dan, being Canadian, is staying at his parents'.

Anyway. Shows have been really wonderful. Switched a lot of stuff up for this tour. Cut back on the Soul C's tunes--only doing three a night. Opening and closing the shows with tunes from Haughty, not Soul C's songs--that's a big change. And I've added a couple of tunes I haven't played before--"40 Grand," "Ossining," and "Misfortune," which I played for the first time ever, other than the day we recorded it, in DC.

Dan is awesome. As we play more shows, we're heating up as a duo--those rave-ups we do mid-song are getting hotter. Nice feeling.

Been doing in-stores and signing sessions and stuff, which is also fun, but they've blown up the pic from the back of the CD for posters, and in that huge size I've discovered that I have really dirty fingernails in that shot. Manly workmanlike or slobby? I have a good excuse: I spent the whole day getting photographed around New York, the photographer all "Put your hand on that sooty pole and look at me with that belligerent sexy glare," and etc. Unnerving to see my dirty nails that large nonetheless.


I've turned the photo of the crowd holding their phones up into a nightly feature. A beautiful sight. Below, in descending order: Philly, Boston, Boston, Rochester.


Posted by Mike at May 9, 2005 11:55 PM