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May 18, 05 10:29 PM

At the Seattle Show Last Night, I Went Outside and Played a Few Songs for the People Waiting in Line to Get In.


ATO asked me to put together a little live EP to put up online; I had this idea of something that might be more fun than just a straight live recording. Chuck and I went out right before the doors opened; he held an Edirol R-1 MP3 recorder, standing right in front of me as I sang. The crowd was slightly mindblown! It was so fun.


The recording sounds fabulous, too; rough and ambient, with the crowd's laughter and chatter, and cars passing by. Right at the end of the final tune, a Harley rumbles past, growling across the stereo field as the tune winds down. Heavenly.

When I was a kid, maybe in 1990, I tried busking in the subway--in the long tunnel between the L train and the 1/9 train at 14th Street. Nobody gave a fuck, I was spooked and scared and out of there in under 15 minutes. My conclusion: I do not busk. Perhaps I should reconsider this long-held belief.


Posted by Mike on May 18, 2005 10:29 PM