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May 27, 05 12:03 PM

Denverites: The Penultimate.


Tonight's show in Aspen is the last of this tour. Smokey Chuck Chuckstein has talked me into doing the drive back from Colorado in THIRTY HOURS STRAIGHT.


I met a girl last night, in the autograph line, named Merlot. How you like them apples? And what will she do if ever she should meet Paul Giamatti?

I met a guy who got kicked out of West Point (I grew up at West Point; my Dad teaches history there). He's now going for an M.F.A. in poetry.

Also: the photo below stands as proof that one can not touch a drop of booze and still indulge in maniac behavior. Which for me, last night, involved going out with a bunch of good, crazy drunk people and taking pictures of them.


Posted by Mike on May 27, 2005 12:03 PM