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Jun 16, 05 08:00 AM

Rashomon of the Late Night Talk Show Set.


I'm getting a shitload of emails that are like, Dude, you were so nervous on Letterman!


This is perplexing. I totally was not nervous on Letterman. Really. I mean, I had a mild case of jitters, but I was pretty together. At least I felt that way. As a matter of fact, I walked offstage thinking, Wow, I can't believe how in the moment I was.

There was a monitor dead smack in front of us as we were playing, and it was really difficult to not stare at it the whole time, like, Hey, I look good in that shot! Aargh, I look bad in that shot! So I was trying hard to look in every other possible direction, lest staring at the same point for three and a half minutes straight render me zombie-looking on television.

Funny thing: people that know me are all saying, You looked so relaxed! That's not quite true, either.

Maybe you guys don't see me that close up so often. Maybe I should consult my TiVo for further analysis.

Posted by Mike at June 16, 2005 8:00 AM