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Jun 20, 05 04:44 PM



Is there anything not worth blowing off?


I have succumbed to the season. I blew off everything today and lazed around in Central Park. Walked barefoot in the Great Lawn. Sat by the statues of literary notables and flipped around on the iPod.

I fell in love with the Joe Strummer song "Coma Girl," and downloaded all of his solo stuff. Really good records. It's a shame I didn't know what a vital solo artist he was 'til he passed away.

When I briefly lived in London, my roadie Heinz was friendly with Joe, and kept telling me that--being that we were both latecomers to the Ecstasy phenomenon, and both quite enthusiastic about it--he wanted to get us together to hang out. Never happened. The mind reels.

Posted by Mike at June 20, 2005 4:44 PM