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Jul 7, 05 10:04 AM


I never turn on the TV in the morning--I just heard the news from London, so disturbing and scary. I lived in London for a while, love it there, love the people. Praying for them. (is it stupid for me to feel obligated to blog about this? Does it not go without saying? Is it just a dumb semi-celebrity illusion that I'm required to comment?) The entry below that I just posted couldn't look stupider, that ghastly lame September 10th feeling. I know those tube stations well. Emailing my exgirlfriend to make sure she's OK. Londoners reading, we in New York know how it feels and we're praying for you.

11 AM: Edgware Road was my old tube stop so I'm doubly frightened now.

Posted by Mike on July 7, 2005 10:04 AM