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Aug 7, 05 09:15 AM



Scrap and I went up to the Bronx and did Vin Scelsa's show last night.


The guy is such a legend. This is my--what, fifth?--time on his show, and it's still quite humbling, like, wow, I'm actually doing Vin Scelsa's show. I first listened to him in the 80s, when he was--believe it or not--on K Rock. His show seemed so chaotic and fun and slippery--there wasn't a whole lot of that in the 80s.

We did "King of Carrot Flowers," and this time I did the lyric right--"Each one a little more than she would dare to try," rather than, "Each one more beautiful." The latter still fits, but is uncomfortably morbid. I still switched the Mom/Dad thing, though. Rings truer to me.


Posted by Mike at August 7, 2005 9:15 AM