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Oct 11, 05 04:34 PM

Second Night in Boulder: Erin McKeown and I Duet on 'I Hear the Bells.'


What a killing guitar player she is.


We ran over it a couple times in soundcheck. She took the "I'm seeking girls in sales and marketing" verse--rather salacious verse--I asked her, Are you OK with singing the booty verse? "That exactly the verse for me, the booty verse," she answered.

She rocked the hell out of me when we did it in the show. She interpolated the bassline to "Lazybones" in an instrumental break, which made me laugh. Still kind of weird, though: it's not a bassline that I wrote, and it reminds me of this one excruciating period of time in Soul Coughing's life: I came up with most of the basslines on Ruby Vroom, but was met with resistance (to put it kindly) when I tried to sing them to Sebastian in rehearsals for the second album.

Again this trouble with my past in that band: I want credit for what I wrote, which I feel like I was cheated of, but I also want to treat that past as if it never existed. I play a couple of my fave SC tunes that I wrote, but when someone in the autograph line compliments me on SC albums, some part of my brain translates it as an insult. Insane? Yes.

Posted by Mike at October 11, 2005 4:34 PM