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Oct 11, 05 06:36 PM

The Kansas City Surprise.


(These fotos by listener Chris.)


I expected a low-key night. They're not playing us on the radio in KC, it was a fucking Monday night, and I've played KC once in my entire career, and that was a poorly-attended radio show where we were sandwiched between Everlast and fucking Vanilla Ice (Seriously). And that gig was seven years ago!

I called up my Kansas City-ese friend Kelly Sue and asked her to find ten people I could put on the guest list, because I wanted somebody there.

But there was no shortage of somebodies. Packed! Sweaty! Hot! Boisterous! Feisty, even! Plus, an audience rife with cuteness. Nothing wrong with that.

During the big rock and roll ending of the encore, I re-introduced my bandmates and Chuck (sound dude), telling everybody who is, who is not, and who quite possibly may be, a Cylon. (see entry below: Balactica!)

Posted by Mike at October 11, 2005 6:36 PM