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Oct 15, 05 02:36 PM

I Know It's Wrong, But I Had to Call My Friend Bex and Make Sure that Adama Didn't Die (Second Season DVDs Out on December 20th!!).


Hi from Chicago. Just rode in, just woke up, just rolled off the bus. Hoo man. Since beginning this tour I've assumed a pasha-like existence, waking up at noon. Very unusual and unnerving for me.

Getting pretty tired, I must say. Shows have been good, but the rest of the day is sleepwalking through interviews. I'm doing this thing at Borders later today, Scrap and I playing some tunes, then signing stuff; maybe I'll stroll over to the Apple Store and pick up a Nano or something--get a little rush from an extravagant purchase. Do I need a Nano? No. But you must understand. It's VERY SMALL.

Posted by Mike on October 15, 2005 2:36 PM