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Oct 16, 05 02:05 PM

Did I Mention that Our Bus Driver Bill Is an Ex Philly Cop?


Stellar Chicago show. I felt kinda raggedy in Madison the night before, so it felt really good. WXRT recorded the show for later broadcast, that should sound awesome.

I've been doing this thing at the end of the last tune, "Your Misfortune," where I lay the National Reso-Lectric guitar down on the floor and strum it furiously with one hand, fucking with the Moog pedals with the other hand, making freaky whooshing warbling pulsing noises. Last night I dropped the guitar at the front of the stage, dumped out a bottle of water and handed it to a kid in the front row, telling him to whack the strings forcefully as I manned the pedals' knobs. That kid was PSYCHED.

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2005 2:05 PM