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Oct 19, 05 04:56 PM

Girl with a Rockity Roll Robot on her Tote Bag.


Ganked from listener Patty Rizzi.


The little robot dude--drawn by Susie Ghahremani--is becoming a minor icon. McNeal and I are talking about getting him painted on the bass drum head. Doughty HQ and I are talking about getting polo shirts done with a tiny Rockity Dude stitched on the left breast, Izod-style.

The girl wears a TUNE IT OR DIE shirt. This scared me. She was standing in front, and I saw her and remembered this nightmare show in Amsterdam--my first solo tour in Europe--and I was wasted, and Dutch people kept yelling Tune your guitar! Tune your fucking guitar!

Posted by Mike at October 19, 2005 4:56 PM