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Oct 20, 05 05:12 PM

This Ramada in Suburban Maryland Is Next Door to Hooters, and I Wish Hooters Had Wi-Fi, So I Could Type, 'I'm Blogging This from Hooters.'



We went there--where else were we gonna go?--and what they say about the wings is true. They are truly awesome wings. I'm not a wing person, but I was impressed. I also checked out the route map for Hooters Air. Turns out than on Hooters Air, all roads lead to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their hub. Huh?

Afterwards we browsed a bong store called Beav's. This little stoner guy in a hoodie came out of the back room. Just looking at him made me very sad. "Have you seen the new Pyrex pipes?" He then whipped one out of the display case, and banged it against the wall--there were a bunch of bang-marks on the wall there, so I spose he's been showing it off to numerous customers--showed us the undented pipe, and then gave us this look like, "Yeah, I know I just blew your mind."

Posted by Mike at October 20, 2005 5:12 PM