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Nov 18, 05 07:34 AM

Go or Do Not Go or Go or Do Not Go or Go or Do Not Go or.


Relatively stable in Eritrea. I may go. Relatively stable in Portland. Still, I may not go.


I found this awesome, awesome pad walking distance from the Fresh Pot and Mississippi Records--I tell my New York friends about it and it's like real estate porn for us cramped Manhattanites--but I don't know if I can do it right now. Too much shit to do. Weird way to throw my life into turbulence in the middle of the life of Haughty.

I moved to London in the middle of working a record once, and it was madness.

In Portland, I was drinking coffee and walking around and looking at books, like, Ooh, I'll read more Chekhov in Portland! I'll buy a turntable!

Can't I read Chekhov in New York? It's funny.

Living on the Lower East Side, of course, I have NO FUCKING ROOM FOR A TURNTABLE.

Posted by Mike at November 18, 2005 7:34 AM