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Jan 13, 06 06:31 PM

Eritrea: Krars, Krars, Krars!


I bought three krars in Africa; one for Scrap, one for Handsome Dan Chen, and one for myself.


You play the krar--as demonstrated by my friend Samuel, above--by muting strings with your fingertips. The instrument's range is the number of combinations one can make from the five strings, tuned C, D, (lower) F, G, A. There's often either a hole for the addition of a tuning peg, so you can add an optional sixth string, or a stringless tuning peg. The fretboard-looking-thing with the clamp on it, on Samuel's krar, is a modification so he can "capo" the krar.

kr5.jpg Posted by Mike at January 13, 2006 6:31 PM