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Feb 27, 06 06:27 PM

The Fresh New Specs.


Bought a pair of glasses at Sol Moscot.


I dig 'em. Big round and groovy. Good glasses are like eye makeup. I have little tiny faux-Asian eyes, I like how specs accentuate them.

I was a non-specs guy when Soul Coughing was just playing clubs, and then I got this pair I liked, and by the time we were taking photos for the CD jacket, I was wearing them constantly. Mistake. When the record came out, every other word you read was geek, geek, geek, nerd, geek.

I guess the sexy geek paradigm is big with some, but the word chafes me.

More so than my other categorical bete noire, "beat poet."

Posted by Mike at February 27, 2006 6:27 PM