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Mar 10, 06 09:38 AM

More Proof that My Earlier Claim of Disinterest in Pop Culture Was a Terrible Awful Lie.


Bad Mike. No donut.


Taylor Hicks is my spiritual boyfriend. Can you imagine if he won? Grey headed dude that dances like Joe Cocker--that joyous, twitching imbecile situation--and plays the harmonica. Of course, I had high hopes for Bo Bice, but his single makes me feel like covering my window with duct tape and aluminum foil and napping for a month. Don't succumb, spiritual boyfriend Taylor Hicks!

I have taken to watching Regis and Kelly and wondering if the old ladies who call in for the Travel Trivia game have access to Google. I race them to see if I can't Google the answer to the trivia question within the thirty seconds. Does the show have a producer listening in with some kind of audio filter to hear if keys are tapping? Can one buy a muffled keyboard?


Posted by Mike at March 10, 2006 9:38 AM