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Mar 14, 06 10:05 AM

Farewell Handsome Dan.


The man is moving on.


Our lovely and talented friend Dan Chen got a gig as musical director for Nicole Atkins, a great singer/songwriter that he's been collaborating with for years. So, sadly, we must let our beloved friend go. Scrap, Pete, and I are definately stoked for him--we feted him with a boatload of congratulatory pizza at DiFara's--but very melancholy.

Dan and I actually have a few gigs together, which I'm psyched about. Not least because hopefully it'll be the creative equivalent of wild post-breakup sex. Albeit, scheduled wild breakup sex, which is odd.

Hey, speaking of which--piano players, I mean, not fucking your ex--if you're a keyboard player and you live in New York and you're awesome and you like what I do and you maybe want a gig, throw an mp3 or two my way. Link to my email is on the right, and a MySpace link as well.

As in all times of my life where there's some kind of musical crisis, I have the same recurring dream: that somewhere along the way I forgot to quit Soul Coughing.


Posted by Mike on March 14, 2006 10:05 AM