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Mar 22, 06 11:50 AM

Chicago Gig: Pix by Listener Alice Chou.


I messed up one tune, and then I collapsed like a house of cards.


Played the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago this past weekend. I really wished the gig were better. I was crazy strong out of the gate--Chuck the Legend rigged up the old Baby Taylor with an awesome pickup, and that Baby Taylor sounds amazing. I haven't played it onstage in a couple years.

I really wanted it to be a great show. The show sold out six months in advance! And I haven't done a completely solo acoustic show in--a couple years? Something like that.

Then I fucked up the MuRF pedal part on "Bells," and kept trying to restart the tune, and it just--bleh. I feel like I never recovered.

You can't win them all. The good thing about losing one is that you get it out of the way.


Posted by Mike at March 22, 2006 11:50 AM