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Apr 5, 06 03:52 PM



WFMU does a tribute to Todd Colby.


WFMU's doing a three hour show--right now!--of people doing versions of the Todd Colby poem "Cake."


My girlfriend and I did a few versions and sent 'em in. I'm actually quite excited to hear myself on WFMU--I don't know if they've ever played me on there before.

If you'd like to hear all 208 versions of "Cake" clicky linky.

I specifically recommend Todd Colby's original version of "Cake," this Spanish version of "Cake," called "Torta", three-year-old Irving Sendra's version of "Cake," and this mash-up of Todd Colby and the Who.


Posted by Mike at April 5, 2006 3:52 PM