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May 23, 06 09:23 PM

And On Thursday Morning, What Do They Expect Me to Do? Pay Attention to the World Around Me? No Thank You.


I like the McPhee and the Hicks because they are both friends with singing black people that wear robes.


Because they took the opportunity to début both the McPhee's and the Hicks' singles, they showed me the terrible truth; no matter who wins, the music will sound like mush to me. Air-conditioning music.

The omnipresence of Daniel Powter, throughout the season, should have been taken for the dark warning it was.

I was stoked to hear the judges ho-hum the singles, too; surprised (perhaps naively) that Simon's not really a part of the A&Ring process.

Also surprising: Paula, not drunk.

I tip my hat, as a professional, to the McPhee for suffering through her busted in-ear monitors and still staying in key--make that starting the tune a-capella and in key. That shit is hard. No wonder she was giddy afterwards.

But: I still think she's boring. I will enjoy hearing the Hicks emote, even on a wack, committee-written song. And here's hoping that somewhere down the line, he will stun the world with some quality Yacht Rock.

I would like to thank Cingular for being an Idol sponsor, thus allowing me to text 35 votes for the Taylor Hicks in under 1.5 minutes.

I would also like to thank the inept cameraperson, who, when the caption said Katherine's Family and Friends, was actually focussed on a confused Tori Spelling.


Posted by Mike at May 23, 2006 9:23 PM