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Jun 2, 06 10:13 AM

Trying to Avoid Titling This Entry 'Computer Love,' Or 'Big Mac Attack.'


Yeah. My Mac dies, long live my Mac.


There was a cartoon in the New Yorker recently; a doctor consoles a widow in a hospital waiting room, "Don't worry, I got in one last chance to scold him about diet and exercise."

This reminds me of the Genius Bar at the SoHo Apple store; a throng of Manhattanites with broken laptops, all of whose appointments are two hours late (to get in line you have to sign in on their website, and your appointment will generally be five to seven hours after you book it, at the absolute soonest), who will eventually be granted an audience with a cheerful guy in an Apple t-shirt tsking them for not backing up their data.

(Maybe it's different now that they've opened the 5th Avenue store, which is 24 hrs, and I'm sure filled with tweaked-out people with busted iPods at 4 am)

Due to a mishap--which was boneheaded, and my fault, and too embarrassing for me to actually tell you about--the keys T, Y, and 6 stopped working on my Mac. I briefly tried to live life without T, Y, or 6. Then I got a dusty keyboard from an antiquated iMac and hooked it up. The set-up looks so lo-fi I could cringe.

So I ordered a new MacBook--the sleek and chic new black kind. It's extravagant, I know, especially after the whopping expenses--largely Ikea-incurred--of moving. I planned on getting it fixed, paying the $500 or whatever for a new keyboard; last year, I bought the ProCare card, which for 99 bucks buys you the privilege of making more convenient appointments, and, allegedly, quicker turnaround time at the shop)

But my ProCare card had expired. Did I want to brave the hordes at the Apple store? No. I just fucking ordered a new one. (admittedly, it didn't take a lot of self-arm-twisting to buy something expensive and shiny)

I'm a Mac dude. (a MacDude?) I will not snob on PC people, but I like Macs. Here's my problem with Apple: everything costs money. Want to backup your hard drive? That'll be $99 for a dot-Mac account, please; it's the only way to get the backup software without which you are unable to back your Mac up. Want to avoid the lines? $99 for a ProCare card. And, most egregiously, if you want to extend your warranty, it's $249 for AppleCare, which is nice for the phone tech support, but which won't help you much if something breaks--a friend was denied a repair on her hard drive because the headphones jack was loose.


Posted by Mike at June 2, 2006 10:13 AM