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Jun 8, 06 12:17 PM

"How Many Ice Cold Cokes Would You Like with That?"



I lived with a rich actress girl in the West Village in the early 90s, in the macked-out co-op her Dad bought for her to live in while she went to school. She paid for the food and let me live rent-free, and I bought the drugs. When we got high, she liked to videotape conversations and then watch them right afterwards.

We ate nothing but takeout. Sometimes we'd fight, and I'd go buy cheap pasta to cook, but she'd always relent and we'd order food that she'd put on her parental credit card. We would order one particular kind of food obsessively; Domino's, for instance, two meals a day for two months.

The guy at Domino's was some kind of budding alpha-male capitalist. After ordering a pizza, he'd ask, really enthusiastically and domineeringly, "AND HOW MANY ICE COLD COKES WOULD YOU LIKE WITH THAT?" Um, how about no ice cold cokes with that, thanks.


Posted by Mike on June 8, 2006 12:17 PM