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Jun 8, 06 12:25 PM

First Day of This Tour.


First show is tonight.


We scarfed down a lot of Peter Luger's before we got in the van for the drive to Buffalo yesterday. Their burgers are kind of like heroin, in that they sort of blossom in the mouth once you've taken a bite. Perhaps you'd have to be familiar with heroin to understand that. Their bacon is ludicrously thick and fatty, as well.

Our new piano player, the Courageous Youngster, John Kirby, was staying in Williamsburg (he's a Los Angeles guy), and made cutting remarks about hipsters. But, Kirby, you're a hipster, we pointed out. Kirby made the astute observation that you can tell a hipster because they're complaining about hipsters.


Posted by Mike on June 8, 2006 12:25 PM