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Jun 9, 06 09:55 AM

Why You Shouldn't Move to Brooklyn?



I was strolling from the Holiday Inn to get some coffee, and I happened upon a church with a big Righteous Babe logo on a sign next to it; apparently it's owned by my old running dog Ani DiFranco. Firstly, it made me smile that an old classmate that I used to trade riffs with on the roof of a shitty East Village tenement (back when East Village tenements actually were shitty) now owns a church. It also struck me that such a thing would be impossible in New York; too pricey.

It looks like Buffalo is doing a lot to attract young artists; festivals, gallery opening, rock shows in public squares open to the public. I was walking around the Allentown neighborhood, there were these awesome old houses painted in bright colors, like San Francisco Victorians in the 60s. I bet you could get by on very little money, and have loads of time to make art.

I love New York; I have this big renewed crush on Brooklyn, now that I've moved there, and live in a big nice place, and besides live in a neighborhood where hipsters fear to tread. (see the entry below, where John Kirby noted, astutely, that hipsters are people that are constantly complaining about hipsters)

But there's not much to attract artists anymore. If you are an artist, you're a designer, or a fashion person, or something like that (not to disrespect those professions, after all, I'm a professional myself); if you want to pursue something stranger and less commercial, you'll have to do so in your spare time. Why go?

Philadelphia is sposed to be wonderful; I've seen very little but the clubs where I play, and South Street. (it's a problem being a road musician, you tend to see only the downtowns where your hotels are, which, sadly in America, are often beat-down and unpopulated) Or Portland, the town so groovy I would very much like to have sex with it.


Posted by Mike on June 9, 2006 9:55 AM