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Jun 21, 06 10:06 AM

The Long Haul North.


These pix, of the Cleveland HOB show, ganked from listener Tony Butitta.


After a last leisurely breakfast at Waffle House (I get 'em scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked, for those familiar with the Waffle House hash brown code), we said goodbye to Scrap (John Munson's playing bass on the record) and headed north to Minnesota.

I love the atmosphere in the South so much that it makes me blue to head north. Tennessee turns into Kentucky and then into Illinois so quickly. And then there's a shitload of Illinois to plow through.

We slept at a Microtel in Wisconsin--Pete McNeal, who is insane for cheese curds, got a bunch at a convenience store--woke up, found the Starbucks, and then the Cracker Barrel, and made it to Minneapolis by rush hour.

Now I've woken up at Dan Wilson's house and the rock will commence shortly.


Posted by Mike on June 21, 2006 10:06 AM