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Jun 22, 06 09:57 AM

A Homie on the Culture Desk.


(these pix ganked from listener Garrett Sheehan)


My old running dog from the NYPress, Sam Sifton, is a culture editor at the New York Times. He's been there a couple of years, and it's embarrassingly thrilling for me when I go out to lunch with him and get a glimpse of the interior of the place. Also, the cafeteria, where dudes play chess at the lunch table; a social microcosm I'd love to observe for a while.

He's got a new thing going on at the online version of the Times, where he responds to readers' questions. Here's how hip he is: I sent him one, jokingly, and he actually answered it, with a Young Jeezy quote.

I've always loved his style, a mix of hard-boiled and affable. See him at:

Posted by Mike at June 22, 2006 9:57 AM