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Jul 21, 06 08:48 AM

With Scrap, At the Gap.

stephanie marie kubes 6.jpg

Yes, Scrap and I played a set at the Gap on 54th Street last night.

(These pix ganked from listener Stephanie Marie Kubes)

stephanie marie kubes 5.jpg

The description in Time Out sounded mildly snarky to me: "Former Soul Cougher plays for free at the Gap." Or maybe I'm being paranoid.

Who cares? I got free pants.

Scrap was jazzed by the weirdness of the setting. They put us in front of a wall of denim. Lots of people there, too.

I'm generally pretty blas about doing commercial gigs like this; I figure that if Hank Williams spent his career shilling for flour and motor oil on the radio, I can feel good about this. We all live by Hank's example.

Did I mention I got free pants?

I would hesitate to shill for alcohol--that's hesitate, not refuse--I figure I gave enough dough to Jack Daniel, he ought to just cut me a check without requiring my musical services in exchange.

stephanie marie kubes 4.jpg

Posted by Mike on July 21, 2006 8:48 AM