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Jul 21, 06 06:33 PM

Wie Kommt Man Dahin? Mit Dem Zug!

stephanie marie kubes 1.jpg

I've been learning German.

(Pix ganked from listener Stephanie Marie Kubes, except the last one, by Ike Whiting)

stephanie marie kubes 2.jpg

Gehen wir los! Ganz meinerseits. Was ist los? Wie ist das Wetter heute? Das Wetter is schrecklich. Es regnet. Es ist sechs Uhr zwanzig.

So, yeah, I got one of those audio language courses and have been doing some German every day. My accent's getting kind of OK, I'm absorbing random phrases such as those above like a champ, but of course I'm just sitting in my house repeating after a CD, and am not actually speaking to anybody in German.

My plan is to get a head of steam going with the language, and then hire a tutor. In the past couple years I've developed a fascination with German/Germans/Germany. I have this dream of pulling a Shakira and doing an album entirely in German.

I told Scrap that fried eggs in German was "spiegeleier" which I believe translates literally to "shiny eggs" or "mirror eggs." He told me that he has a big stack of lieders left over from grad school. I said that if the songs were about counting to ten, catching a train, or naming colors, I'd be all over it.

ike whiting 3.jpg

Posted by Mike at July 21, 2006 6:33 PM