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Aug 1, 06 06:32 PM

I Saw Kelly Ripa at Jamba Juice.

stephanie marie kubes 3.jpg

What am I going to do, blog about the weather? Yes.

(Above pic by Stephanie Marie Kubes; below by Ike Whiting)

ike whiting 2.jpg

Is it really August? How did that happen?

Truth is, I dig the hot hotness. It allows many opportunities for relief; you bike around the park a bunch of times and get overheated, then you get your hot skin in the shower and chug lemonade and cool off.

The Channel 4 Live at Five news, showing thumbnails of the week's highs and lows, captioned tomorrow "NO RELIEF."

I am using electric devices to make and record my music. Al Gore is angry with me.

Still waking up and writing songs and wondering if I'm done and having no perspective on my own work.

Still very obsessed with the German. Trying to write a list song, of second-person present-tense German verbs, and some of the odder and more sonorous phrases in my phrasebook.

Still trying to cut back on the Kaffee.

Posted by Mike at August 1, 2006 6:32 PM