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Aug 25, 06 11:29 AM

Binge on Thin Lizzy.


I've been pulling my hair out demoing songs for my record company and manager, and desperate to rest my tired ears, I downloaded a boatload of Thin Lizzy tunes. Aka the guys who played "The Boys Are Back In Town"

Huge admirer of the late Phil Lynott--a black Irish guy, abandoned Dublin-born child of an African-Brazilian father. This amazing soulful hangdog voice. He was an opiates guy--died of a heroin overdose at 35, one year younger than I am as I type this--that keeps happening as I get older.

I discovered him as freshman in high school because I was in the Columbia records and tapes club and I think I had an extra record to buy, so I bought their final album, a live record where they get together all forty seven dudes who played guitar with them and play their greatest hits.

There's been kind of a Phil Lynott revival of late--Scott Ian praising him on VH1--but back then I was the only guy I knew who knew them at all. Even in college, I tried to hip my drummer to them, and he laid Phil Lynott low with a hipster coup de grace: "He sounds like Eddie Money."

I went down to Prospect Park and sat by the boathouse and listened, and some of the songs are so, so very corny, but always his voice is so charming and beautiful.

Here's something weird: there was a "reunion" a few years ago, where the drummer and guitar player got together with faceless dudes and toured and played the hits. Turns out one of the tunes I downloaded was from the cheap-o live CD they put out and I didn't even recognize it as such. Whatever singer they got had Phil Lynott down to the last tearful nuance.

Maybe something admirable about that.

Maybe I'll do a little iTunes, uh, i-List, or mac-list, or whatever you call it, of fun groovy Thin Lizzy deep cuts or something. Yeah.

Posted by Mike at August 25, 2006 11:29 AM