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Sep 17, 06 02:15 PM

Do Girls Buy Rock Shirts?

mark husson 2.jpg

(Pix of the Denver gig ganked from listener Mark Husson)

Girls: do you buy shirts with names of rock bands on the front?

My haircutter Mimi was lobbying me about this yesterday. Saying that the girl shirts bands sell are generally lousy, and that mine, well, really haven't been very good at all of late.

She said she bought a Dixie Chicks shirt recently, however, and it was cut fabulously. But that's natural, right? Girls ought to make good shirts for girls.

OK, women: I ask you to do me a favor: send me pictures of your band shirts. Would you please? I'm totally serious. Preferably pictures of you wearing the shirts.

(I realize this sounds mildly suggestive. Dear Mike's girlfriend: this is not mildly suggestive.)

Just the ones you bought and that you love! Not, like, the ones your boyfriend gave you and you sleep in. And if there's a bunch of shirts you dig, send multiple photos, would you?

Seriously, it would be awesome. I want to do well by girls. I'm:

md (at) mikedoughty (dot) com

mark husson 1.jpg

Posted by Mike at September 17, 2006 2:15 PM