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Aug 26, 05 09:58 PM

Breaky for Mikey


I know this isn't the first I'm-a-bad-blogger-bad-bad-bad post, but let me reiterate; I'm gonna be absent 'til the tour starts. I'm off to Portland and Seattle to see friends and play that Dave Eggers benefit, and I'll talk to you next week.

Posted by Mike at 9:58 PM

Aug 23, 05 07:57 AM

Footage of a S.W.A.T. Team Swarming a Party in Utah and Beating Up Dancers.


Click this scary link. Apparently the two people getting beaten in the video--one boy, one girl--were eventually charged with "failure to obey and resisting arrest." Like getting your head cracked for jumping a turnstile in the subway.

An account/editorial from a guy close to the Utah scene is here.

Posted by Mike at 7:57 AM

Bob Moog Passes Away: Age 71.


I've spent the past week obsessing over my Moog pedals, and my new Moog Voyager (ironically just bought a couple of weeks ago); what beautiful sounds. It also must be said that the Moog people, down in Asheville, N.C., are just about the nicest people at an instrument company I've ever dealt with.

NYTimes obit is here.

Posted by Mike at 7:25 AM

Aug 22, 05 07:39 AM

I Will Not Blog About My Breakfast.


Yeah, yeah, I know: bad blogger, bad bad bad. I've been remiss in posting. Thing is: there's nothing to report. I've been eating and sleeping. More will happen when I'm in Seattle for the 826 thing, in September when the tour commences (which I'm getting really excited about--we're on a bus! Like a real live actual rock and roll entity!).

Posted by Mike at 7:39 AM

Aug 20, 05 03:48 PM

Cupcake City.


Pictured: my pal Maryl and I at a picnic, wielding a cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. NYC cupcake fiends: better than Magnolia. I'm serious as a busted leg.

Posted by Mike at 3:48 PM

Aug 14, 05 07:46 PM

This Is Not a Rebel Song! This Song Is--27 Jennifers!


We played the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado.


The above is actually us playing onstage; a photo ganked from listener Richard McDonald. The one near the end of the stack, of me and an extremely blonde guy, are ganked from the blonde dude himself, listener Chad Narva.

The portrait immediately below, from left to right; me, Scrap, Handsome Dan, Pete; the ones without me, below that, substitute our hard-smokin' sound man, Cee-Huck. The rest more or less self-explanatory.


Posted by Mike at 7:46 PM

Friendly Greeting Rendered in PB & J.


Another band on the bill, the Fray--who will have a massive hit with a song called "Over My Head," very, very soon--left us this in our dressing room. Awwww.

Posted by Mike at 4:54 PM

Aug 13, 05 07:23 PM

A Full Account of This Week's Colorado Shows Is Coming, But Right Now I'm Tired and All I Have to Offer Is This Pic of Scrap and the Nuge.


Posted by Mike at 7:23 PM

Aug 8, 05 12:13 AM

Here Is a Young Man with Fantastic Hair Doing the Robot to 'Ossining' from Rockity Roll


You heard me right, bub.

Posted by Mike at 12:13 AM

Aug 7, 05 11:17 AM

Goodbye Ibrahim.


Saddened to learn of the passing of Ibrahim Ferrer. I'm a big fan and wish I'd seen him in concert.

Posted by Mike at 11:17 AM

The World Turned Upside Down.


It was bound to happen: a Starbucks on the L.E.S.


A couple of weeks ago I went down to the Jennifer Convertibles store on the corner of Delancey and Allen Streets to look into a sofabed. It was closed, with planks, dust, and other construction detritus within. Yesterday, coming back from Duane Reade, I passed the place and found--though the store is still way incomplete--a green Starbucks awning over the door.

Now, I'm pretty pro-Starbucks (my allegedly anti-Starbucks song is actually about the impotence of rage against pop culture). On tour, I'm there every day getting my fix--I look up the closest locations on the website the moment I check into the hotel in the town I'm playing--and usually avoid local indie coffee, as variations in dosage might prove disastrous to my mood (I do prefer local coffee, though, if I can get a really good, reliable recommendation from a fellow addict).

But the Lower East Side? Scandalous. They sidestepped a chunk of the controversy by putting the place on Delancey Street, which is a swath of big-brand stores--McDonalds, Chase Bank, Subway, Taco Bell, KFC (the one from "Sunkeneyed," naturally), Duane Reade, et al. Still. Now there's a Starbucks within walking distance of Teany, Paul's Boutique, the Pink Pony, the Cake Shop, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Lotus--all the local groovy-people hangs.

Inevitable? Probably. I love Teany and the Pink Pony--the former is basically my living room, and the latter I'm in so often with friends that Dougie Bowne and I call it "the Office"--but doubtless on some hectic morning when I'm headed to the airport, I'll get my iced triple grande soy latte at the Starbucks.


Posted by Mike at 10:54 AM



Dave Holmes, the former MTV veejay and a friend of mine, has a blog: In Media Res. He's a canny fellow, wicked and funny--trust me, you'll dig him.

Posted by Mike at 9:20 AM



Scrap and I went up to the Bronx and did Vin Scelsa's show last night.


The guy is such a legend. This is my--what, fifth?--time on his show, and it's still quite humbling, like, wow, I'm actually doing Vin Scelsa's show. I first listened to him in the 80s, when he was--believe it or not--on K Rock. His show seemed so chaotic and fun and slippery--there wasn't a whole lot of that in the 80s.

We did "King of Carrot Flowers," and this time I did the lyric right--"Each one a little more than she would dare to try," rather than, "Each one more beautiful." The latter still fits, but is uncomfortably morbid. I still switched the Mom/Dad thing, though. Rings truer to me.


Posted by Mike at 9:15 AM

Aug 6, 05 10:28 AM

To Lemuel, the Tragically Bewigged, and Also to Unknown Persons with Pyramidic Hairstyles.


This statue shop on Long Island is a worthy stop on the endless road to the Hamptons. No?


I'm having one of those happy morning on which one has the urge to change one's name to Rufus. Know what I mean?


Posted by Mike at 10:28 AM

Aug 5, 05 10:51 AM

Aug 3, 05 07:30 PM

Christmas in Asmara.


I'm going to Eritrea for xMas.


I'm cashing in a boatload of United miles for biz class tix to Eritrea! (it's the country just North of Ethiopia) You've got to do it this early in the year, otherwise all the seats get snapped up.

I'll be there for three weeks. What I'll do for three weeks, who knows? Probably just take pix, soak up the atmosphere in Asmara and Massawa.

Hilarious that I just got this gigantic tattoo in Amharic (the Ethiopian language). Eritrea and Ethiopia have been at war periodically--and bitterly--over the past thirty years. I spose I'll be wearing long sleeves the entire time.


PS. I flew back to NY from Detroit this morning--I was out there playing at some radio stations--and nobody in the airport checked my ID. How weird is that? I did self-service check in, and I think the guy at security just didn't notice me.

Posted by Mike at 7:30 PM

Aug 1, 05 11:16 AM

Thee Emm Tee Vee Too.


I was on MTV2's Subterranean last night, and I took pix the whole time. A selection:


Posted by Mike at 11:16 AM



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