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Dec 18, 05 07:28 AM

To Africa I Go.


I'm off to Eritrea! Be back in early January. Happy Holidays to all!

Posted by Mike at 7:28 AM

Still More on Sweeney.


Great piece on Sweeney Todd in the New York Times today. Make sure you check out the audio slideshows--more pix, and fascinating interviews with Patti LuPone and Michael Cerveris.

How much do I dig this show? I bought the souvenir mug.

Posted by Mike at 4:11 AM

Dec 17, 05 12:04 PM

What We Looked Like Onstage at the Wachovia Center in Philly on Tuesday.


Foto ganked from listener Kyle.

Posted by Mike at 12:04 PM

What We Looked Like on the Monitors of DMB's Video Dudes Backstage at the Boston Garden.


Posted by Mike at 11:31 AM

Dec 16, 05 11:50 PM

What We Looked Like Onstage at Madison Square Garden Last Week.

msg baby.jpg

Posted by Mike at 11:50 PM

What We Looked Like Onstage at the Boston Garden Last Night.


Pic ganked from listener "Patty Bouvier."

Posted by Mike at 9:39 AM

Our Week of Rock.


It ran the gamut. We did Madison Square Garden on Friday, and a house party in Princeton, NJ on Wednesday.


Against all odds, that Princeton gig--in a little dining room--was killing.

Wanna take a minute to thank all the DMB peeps, their spectacularly kind crew, Dave, and everybody else.

I think we really rocked, too. My in-ear monitors got fucked up as I got onstage in Philly. It was a struggle until they got 'em going again, but I was told that I stayed in tune. I've learned something good about myself: I can rock a hockey stadium without being able to hear myself!

Posted by Mike at 9:35 AM

They Fucking Cancelled Morning Sedition.


What a drag. Some tone-deaf higher-up nixed it, capriciously. I called in today to say goodbye to Marc Maron on the air--I've been a huge fan of his for years--and I tried to tell him that surely this was the Universe's way of steering him into some even better place in the world. But it came off poorly, I think; we drove for hours last night in the slush and sleet, coming home from Boston--doing 35 most of the way!!--and I got no sleep.

Posted by Mike at 9:30 AM

"He Served a Dark and a Hungry God."


Saw Sweeney Todd for the second time.


Oh! So thrilling. I just can't recommend it enough. Been driving my bandmates crazy singing the tunes. Yep, out of the blue, I've become a Broadway Guy.

I realized that Michael Cerveris--who plays Sweeney--and I had a mutual friend, so I asked him to forward an email of effusive praise to Michael.

"I'm glad you enjoyed our creepy little skit," Michael wrote back.

I then asked him to be my Valentine.

Posted by Mike at 9:25 AM

And In the Van, Chuck Napped.


Posted by Mike at 9:18 AM

Dec 14, 05 12:41 PM

Mexican Dudes Rocking the F Train.


I took the subway up to our gig opening for DMB at MSG.


It soothes me to take the train up to an important big-league gig, rather than a car service or something. I did the same thing when we played Letterman.

It was humbling to see these guys playing Mexican folk tunes to bundled-up commuters; they're playing the F train, I'm en route to Madison Square Garden. Buskers are the hardest-working people in show business. I'm almost superstititious about giving buskers money. I tried to play in a subway station when I first moved to New York, at age 18; I folded after 10 minutes, it was so hard.


MSG gig was good, too; we relaxed into the tunes, rather than trying to blast to the back of the hall. That's the trick to playing these gigantic rooms. And we kept looking at each other, like, Isn't this fucking amazing?!

I did a tune with DMB, a freestyle on "Jimi Thing." I came up really early and had to wait for my turn on the mic as Butch and Leroi took long solos. I stood there trying to look like I was just cold-lamping, when in fact I felt like a big dork. I think my solo was OK, though more subdued than I would've liked. I did better when they invited me to do it again in New Hampshire, wilding out a little more, doing a little call-and-response-then-SCREAM thing with the audience.

Facing a sold out Madison Square Garden, incidentally, is FUCKING KOOL. The DMB dudes were so kind to invite me up there. The level of niceness in the DMB camp in general is really wonderful.


Posted by Mike at 12:41 PM

Dan Chen Soundchecks at Madison Square Garden.



Posted by Mike at 12:20 PM

A Picture of Chuck Holding a Dinosaur.


There was a box of toys in our dressing room. Inexplicably.

Posted by Mike at 12:16 PM

Dec 10, 05 11:45 AM

We Drove to Woodstock in the Snow.


That most venerable of hippie towns.


The gig was at a place called the Joyous Lake; it was a little rusty, as we haven't played in a month, but better to be rusty in Woodstock than at Madison Square Garden.

Odds are good that one day I'll be a well-to-do greying hippie, which means I may very well live in Woodstock. Great town. Great soup. Decent bagels. My old friend Kate Hyman, a genius A&R woman, now sits on the town council.

Posted by Mike at 11:45 AM

Dec 8, 05 09:42 AM

Sad Bear for Charity.


All that Post-It Note Art that Scrap, McNeal, Handsome Dan, Chuck and I festooned the tour bus with is being auctioned for charity. See here.

Posted by Mike at 9:42 AM

Dec 7, 05 09:47 AM

Attend the Tale.


Saw Sweeney Todd last night. What an incredible piece of music. And in this production, the cast are the orchestra, leading to the surreal question: Who the fuck knew Patti LuPone could play the tuba?

Then went to Otto, the Mario Batali joint, and ate ridiculously good cheese, and then their signature olive oil ice cream which is as delicious as it is baffling.

Posted by Mike at 9:47 AM

Dec 5, 05 02:58 AM

I Type to You from the Signature Theater on 42nd Street.


So it's 3 am, all the actors--having been Polaroided and divided up among the playwrights--left hours ago, and we, the 6 writers on the 24 Hour Plays are busily typing. The directors show up at 7 am, the actors at 8:30 am. And the plays go up at 8 pm!

I just finished a draft, gonna print it out and have a look-see. I have so much coffee in me I may very well die.

Posted by Mike at 2:58 AM

Dec 4, 05 01:14 PM

It Struck Me as I Was Buying a Coffee Grinder in Bed Bath and Beyond.


I think I actually dig xMas.

This has not been the case since I recieved the Death Star playset in 1978. Or, perhaps, Yar's Revenge for the Atari 2600 in 1983.

Posted by Mike at 1:14 PM

Dec 3, 05 07:03 PM

Return of the 24.


Hey, I'm a playwright on The 24 Hour Plays again. It's on Monday night at 8 pm. Fun for all. Clicky linky for location and etc.

Posted by Mike at 7:03 PM

The Ancient Land of No-Self-Esteem.


Sometimes when I'm feeling restless, I sit around searching for old friends on MySpace.


Old friends that I used to get high with all the time; people with whom I used to get fucked up with and exchange mean-spirited, passive-aggressive, cynical half-insults with; i.e., not actually friends at all.

I'm smart enough not to write to them. Maybe they've grown up/cleaned up/wised up in the same way I have. My limited experience getting back in touch with old fellow-travelers is that I get off the phone almost in tears, thinking, What the fuck did I ever see in this person? Who did I used to be that I could hang in such a vicious relationship with?

How I must have felt about myself. Fuck. I can barely remember.

Posted by Mike at 6:21 PM

I Believe the Children Are the Future.


A little kid sings "Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well." See!

Posted by Mike at 10:05 AM

Dec 1, 05 01:02 PM

Oh Snap!


Apparently they just found a stash of Smofe + Smangs. I did not know about this. I found out because I'm on my own mailing list.

I actually went into HQ's office and saw one sitting there, and though, Geez, I don't own a copy of it, do I? I'm a poor self-archivist.

Posted by Mike at 1:02 PM



Many, many kind emails from peeps saying--after the spillage of that Porto entry--that they like what I'm doing now better/just as much. I'm so grateful to have you guys around.

I also would like to say for the record that I was not fishing for compliments. And here I shall deploy an emoticon : )

Posted by Mike at 12:35 PM



The Pixies' reunion seems to be fun for all. Terrific shows, I've heard. I was just referring to the fact that they're very successful.

Posted by Mike at 10:17 AM



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