Art and Title Crisis.

January 16, 2005

Having petitioned the universe for months to have the opportunity to get this record out to a wider world, suddenly I’m annoyed at all the extra labor.

I keep titling and retitling this thing–there was a title I loved for years, intending it to be the one even before I was done writing the album, and then there was another one–and when I went down to DC this week and recorded a show for XM radio, I announced authoritatively what the new title was, and then changed my mind on the Amtrak back to New York!
I’m spinning obsessively through art options, as well. My ideas for covers are always too dark–I mean, too emotionally dark–I keep coming up with these melancholy ideas, and then backpedal on myself, realizing that want I want to transmit to somebody in a record store is an almost psychedelic, explosive color scheme–that’s how I hear the record, anyway. The melancholia and the psychedelia, which do I underline? I have ideas that I love and then abandon.
The good part of this week is the auditions. I’m hearing some really good players, and am pleased to be beginning the audition process. I was completely swamped with applicants, and I’m sifting through ‘em.