As a Small Child in Leavenworth, Kansas, I Adored the Ticking Sound of the Turn Signal in My Mom’s Giant Green 1975 Oldsmobile.

March 7, 2005

I just heard a Soul Coughing song for the first time ever on WFMU, Free Form Station of the Nation. I was surprised. I listen to them constantly–even on the road, over the internet–but I always thought we were too mainstream for them. (in the world of New York exquisite weirdness, believe it or not, Soul Coughing was a pretty mainstream sound)
It was “Disseminated,” the Official Soul C’s Song Mike Doughty Likes Least, so I had to switch to my trifecta of top MP3s: “Since U Been Gone,” “La La,” and “American Idiot.” From WFMU’s delicious buffet of the strange to the sweet glory of mall guitar rock. Yeah.