Barack and I.

November 3, 2008

I tagged along with my girlfriend, who had some work in Ohio this weekend. We were delighted to find that there was an Obama rally in Columbus.
We were closer than these pix make it look, and it was kind of astonishing to see the man in person. Though the Obamamercial last week made me cry, his speech on Sunday was kind of pro forma.
The line was insanely long to get in, snaking around mulitple blocks, and there were a curious number of people selling bootleg merchandise–a mini-industry. Prices kept going down as the line got closer to the gate–“Five bucks” “Three for ten!”–there was a guy with an intricately silk-screened Obama portrait who indignantly said, “It’s twenty bucks because of the quality.”
A truck with big McCain/Palin banners kept rolling by, to boos and “O-BA-MA!” chants. The driver was a guy with a C. Everett Koop beard who shook a bible at us–seriously, he shook a bible at us–as he drove past. (“It’s actually a copy of Neil Strauss’ The Game,” somebody joked) Eventually, though, on his fifth or sixth pass, everybody had gotten bored with him, nobody reacted, and he was reduced to yelling “Baby murderers!” as he drove by.