Behold the Jones.

May 25, 2005

An appearance, the other day in LA, on Steve Jones’ radio show, “Jonesy’s Jukebox.” Had you told me as a 15 year old that one day I’d be hanging out playing my tunes for a Sex Pistol on the radio in Hollywood, I’d have cried because you shouldn’t tell such terrible lies to an impressionable teenager.
Sample dialogue:

JONESY: What’s that one Soul Coughing song I like? That I play all the time?
MIKE: I don’t know…”Circles.”
MIKE: “Super Bon Bon?”
JONESY: Yeah. Can you gonna play that one for us, then?
JONESY: You must hate all us in LA, then. Think we’re a bunch of phonies, then, innit?
MIKE: Who am I, Biggie Smalls?
Later Dan and I played “The Gambler” for him, and broke a string, and Steve happened to have an acoustic guitar sitting there. “You’re gonna keep on, right?” he said, and handed me the guitar, and we finished out the last choruses.